Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time for a well needed update....

So as you can tell Aaron and I are not the best at keeping up with this blog thing, but we try :) Well LOTS has gone on since the last time we posted. Gideon who was posted about in our last blog is now 1 and walking everywhere!!!

Aaron and I are expecting a baby as most of you knew. We found out the exciting news on October 24 and could barely keep it seceret till a few days before Thanksgiving. We are trilled to have a little one join our family. Even though it puts a minor speed bump in our "life" plans it will all work out and apparently this is how God wanted our life to go. Not even married for a year and I'm 5 months pregnant...haha that is something I never thought would happen. I am due on July 5 which is also another way God works because it's the day my dad went to be in his heavenly home. I never though 4 years after he passed away I would be having a baby possibly on that exact day. Crazy how God works things out and plans our lives before we even know the next step we are going to take.

As most of you know I'm going to grad school for my MSW I will be finishing up this semester then I plan on taking a year off to care for my little one. I'll start class back up in May 2011 and graduate the following spring. School will always be around but I only have one time with my 1st baby :)

Aaron is doing well also. I think this whole baby thing is going to be quite the eye opener for both of us but we are excited to take on the challenge together. I love my husband and am so excited to start a family with him!

Here is a little preview of our addition:

We'll try and post another update before the baby is born :)


  1. Aw, what a sweet post! I didn't know your due date was the same as when your dad passed away... that is such a God thing! I love you guys!

  2. I would say it is well PAST time for another update, friends! :-P